IPRX builds successful collabortions between entrepreneurs, institutions, and researchers.

IPRX helps create success stories in the life science areas by helping our clients do more and go farther through collaborative developmental relationships. In so doing, we help advance big ideas from the lab to market. We deliver expert, yet practical advice, business leadership, engineering support, and market execution. We work with entities large and small structuring deals which meet your needs and while enabling growth. A relationship with IPRX dramatically extends your capabilities in the important areas where you need help, significantly expanding what you will accomplish with your current resources. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you: 310-985-0705 or beau(at)iprxbio.com.

Ways We Can Help You

IPRX gets deals done by bringing collaborators to the table.

How do you take things to the next level? If you are like many institutions or entrepreneurs, you may have reached a saturation or stagnation point where your progress may have flatlined. We may be able to help. Entrepreneurs, researchers, and institutons alike benefit from reaching outside the usual silos. We do that on your behalf. Being able to identify and connect with the right people at the right time takes current information, skilled networking, discretion, and experience. This delicate process is often best handled by a third party.

IPRX is connected to equity funding sources who will listen to well-reasoned, credible business projections.

Executing a sensible and sustainable capitalization strategy is critical for your business. It's a jungle out there, and even experienced entrepreneurs can make mistakes. Seasoned investors know and exploit this to their advantage. Funding is complicated, needs to be structured correctly the first time, and, if your business gets to the next level, you'll probably be raising money a second and third time. Get us on your side: we are experienced investors and we can help guide you in this important area.

IPRX develops innovative partnerships.

Perhaps you could use some help translating all the science and theory and spreadsheets into a physical prototype that can be demonstrated and iterated upon? Perhaps you need some extra engineering to go the last mile, but you don't want to add to fixed costs? Let us help. We have vast and verifiable experience in all forms of programming and engineering, and this translates into and advantage for you. We will get it built right the first time, on time, and under budget.

“If you're competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor to do something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com

Getting Started With IPRX

It starts with you reaching out to us to discuss your situation. We're here to help you! There's no obligation to inquire. If we think we can help you, we'll let you know. Reach out today!


"Any entrepreneur with a vision can postulate a new business, but it takes a collaboration of many people to make it a success."

Martin Zwilling, Founder & CEO, Startup Professionals, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are entrepreneurs and we take a broad view of creating opportunity. We make things happen. We're equal parts investment banker, engineer, and entrepreneur. We're focused, we get things done, and we do not limit ourselves to the low-hanging fruit of local or even regional resources. We are not constrained by institutional barriers or bureaucracy, either of which can limit progress despite the best of intentions. We take an entirely new approach that is more energetic, more focused, more creative and more productive.
We start companies if necessary, but mostly we help others achieve their goals and objectives by organizing resources to deliver value. But we are neither an accelerator nor an incubator. We're more like entrepreneurs for hire.
Potentially. We're owned by a private fund (Driftwood Investments LLC) so some amounts can be handled internally; and we also work with affiliates on other deals.
We're virtual. New business gets handled out of the Pacific time zone (GMT-8 hours). Call +1 310.985.0705 to speak to Beau Buck.